Thursday, January 05, 2012

red threads

It's 2012. Last week overlapped into this and my year started off without much of a blast. How were your first days of the new year?

Unlike the last year which I adopted the motto of living life in its stride, I have some grand plans for this year. There are some ambitions I hope to achieve. As for blogging, I have to admit I was contemplating to end it in the last months as my crafting times come to a slow. But for now, I'll just carry on recording my handwork and others just like how I'd done online over here for the past years. I'll try to keep this space going for as long as I can. Perhaps having a goal for my blog space would be ideal; say:  

Make something every week. 

Then I'll have a 'something' to write about weekly. I'm not sure if I could keep this up through the year though but hey, I'll try my very best!

So for this week, I have a new dress made.

The lunar new year is coming and the Chinese practice the tradition of donning new clothes on the first day, particularly good if the garment is in the auspicious hue of red. I've never been one to adhere to that, sad to say. I'd ever worn black! Those adolescent years.. Considering the past 2 years hadn't been friendly with me, I'm going to up the good vibes by following the dress-red tradition. Who knows, it might work for a better year!

Burdastyle pattern #115
I mentioned I'd worked on Burdastyle pattern (10/2011 Dress with Peter Pan collar and pin tuck #115) before and had failed. I couldn't get the pleats right and after attaching the sleeves, the top bodice of the dress looked disastrous on me.
Burdastyle pattern #116

I realized that pattern #116 is included in the above pattern printout and I decided to make a simpler version of it, without sleeves.

Using pinkish red tone batik, prints unique to Palembang, I also added bias tape for facing when making the dress. The dress silhouette is a loose fit hence instead of a back zipper, I opted for a key hole fastening using a special butterfly shaped brass(?) fastening my friends had given me from a Vietnam trip a few years ago.

I'll put up photos of me wearing the dress on the lunar new year day!


  1. Happy New Year! This is so lovely Fiona. I can't wait to see you in it! I didn't envisage it without sleeves and I'm so glad you did! That fastening on the back is gorgeous too. :-)

  2. Pretty dress! Love that fabric, the adorable collar and the Viet closure. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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