Sunday, November 27, 2011

fabric by the Kilogram

fabric by the Kilo
Along Jalan Dr. M. Isa; Palembang

fabric by the Kilo

Just after lunch and on the way home yesterday, I spotted a little shack by the road with a banner out front advertising sale of fabric by the weight. I thought I'd managed to contain my excitement well (I could have gone hysterical. Not that I needed to buy fabric. I just thought that finally, the thrift gods are smiling at me.) and stopped our ride not too far away and checked the place out.

I'd to remove my sandals before stepping into the tiny place where lots of fabric are stacked around on the floor. There is a variety of materials, some in big bundle bags and in one of those containing good lengths of sweet plain white/cream lace the locals are fond of using as curtains which I really like seeing through their house windows.

While browsing and sifting through the stash, I chatted with the two ladies in the store. Ibu Yaya is the shopkeeper and from whom I learn that her stock came from Bandung; a place of textile factories and popular for its many clothing factory outlets. and gosh, was I glad I talked to them because they shared with me more thrift/vintage shopping venues, of one I verified later in the evening. I was two bagful happy from that trip. Thank you, thrift gods.

From the fabric shack, I bought about 600gm of fabric. 2metres of navy coloured swiss dots cotton, a big remnant of pale pink/blue polka and 2metres of a very pretty light weight border print.

about 600gm

Saturday, November 19, 2011

a la tropical dress

a la tropical dress

a la tropical dress

After browsing online and seeing many dresses, I was very drawn to a particular design. A tank bodice with ruffled skirting. I wanted to try and sew something like it without purchasing any pattern. Hence I used the sorbetto top pattern I had lying around in my sewing room, adjusted the sides by making it straight seams (also omitting the centre pleat) then cut into the batik I had lying in shelf, with the remaining pieces of it used for the skirting. I added lining for the bodice too, using pre-loved cloth from a pair of Indian silk pants once belonging to Brian.

This pullover dress made was really a toile garment which I'd hoped it would turn out okay and still wearable. I gave myself all the chances to make as many mistakes I could as I went along with this project. I did made one mistake though, which I was too lazy to remedy: the only in-seam pocket I wanted to add was inverted. 

Here are the sources of my inspiration:



I particularly adore the black cat dress designed by Leah Goren and it is one I'd seen my favourite fashion blogger Erin: Calivintage wore so often. This dress has resulted in me contemplating using stamps+fabric ink on white/plain canvas to create my own fabric pieces. I think I ought to go ahead and get those fabric ink pads already.

After donning the dress on for a short outing to the library yesterday, I found that I like its loose fit but I could make the neckline higher and shorten the bodice a bit more.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making it work the Pinafore way


Remember the dress I made back in June? I haven't worn it since. It was so forgotten in my wardrobe. The reason it hasn't seen daylight was I'll be showing some skin if I were to wear it, something I'm not comfortable doing in this conservative society I'm currently living in. I've no qualms wearing it and similar style of sundresses though, back home Singapore. It would also be too warm to wear a bolero/jacket over. I cut up the matching bolero I made to go with this 40's style 'sports dress', to top up fabric for the quilt I made for Brian recently, deciding that the bolero isn't my thing after all for now.

Later I found the joy of layering, particularly wearing dresses over my chiffon (3/4 sleeves) tops. Before that, I've been browsing the internet and found myself really liking some 60's inspired designers' shift dresses: especially this! I want to work with what I already have to try to achieve similar looks. I decided to alter the hemline of my floral 'sports dress' to above my knees and wear it pinafore style.

Besides my existing dresses, I've also been wanting to get more mileage out of my camera. I've been bugging Brian to work the functions of my camera and achieve some photos I aspire to have, of me, er-hm. Goal: I need to take more quality photos of people. Here's one of a jumping shot I so wanted to do for a long time. Um, I've to iron out the not-capturing the Bozo-ish hairstyle part, with my dear photographer.

jumping me

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Birthday Brian

On Sunday evening, we held an early celebration for Brian's birthday with extended family in our backyard.  We quickly moved indoors though, because of the irritating houseflies lurking around our food. ack. I thought it was important to have this memory created  (party. not houseflies.) for my husband, having his father around to mark his turning a year older.  Fun family time together is precious.

my handmade presents for Brian: a quilted blanket and a plush toy

and today's the day. Happy Birthday, daddy Brian!

Friday, November 04, 2011

I've been sewing.


Just. not. blogging much. and I'm sewing on a case of need to. I need to get a present. I have a lot of cloth  in storage and I self-imposed-need to start using them as much as I can. Hence I make the present. for a very special someone whose birthday is next week but we'll have a small early celebration this Sunday. Barbeque! and I'm going to cook. (flex fingers. arms stretch) So I have to have the present ready by then. which I did! by today.

So here are pictures of the readied present(s) for a peek or two. 

a surprise fella