Thursday, December 15, 2011

of waiting & giving

Please excuse my few and far between blog posts. It ain't so that I haven't been crafting and nothing exciting or special had happened lately. I had attempted to sew a dress, in particular this pattern from burdastyle and I had failed. Miserably. That was about 2+ weeks ago. Then I had a house guest for a week from two Saturdays ago. Our friends' son, a very well behaved 11 year old came to stay and play. It was a valuable time having him around I must say. In the midst of it, we baked and I sewed two pouches which just didn't seem new to warrant a spot in this blog anymore.

It's coming to the end of the year and I always do a spot of thinking of how my year's been. How's yours coming along? I'm happy to report that Kaeden has grown a few centimetres and he's getting to be a lot of fun to be around. He makes me laugh at least once (off setting the times he made me mad, of course) a day. It is always something he says out of the blue, very candid views of his that amazes me each day. 

The other day, grandpa gave Kaeden a present after a trip but I decided to hold him off from opening it until later. He's been getting a few gifts from friends lately. I also had an intention of him learning to skate so I bought a pair of roller skates and had it gift wrapped. I decided Kaeden had to learn to wait for X'mas='opening of presents day' by rewarding him a candy for each day that passed. He's been good so far. We don't celebrate Christmas but I like the tradition of gift giving and receiving. Who doesn't? I'm going to involve Kaeden into making/drawing something for Brian and me in return. Hopefully he'll enjoy the special year end tradition and from it,  learn to show appreciation to loved ones by sharing and giving.

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  1. Kaeden sounds like he's a wonderful little boy. Hope I can meet him one of these days.


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