Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making it work the Pinafore way


Remember the dress I made back in June? I haven't worn it since. It was so forgotten in my wardrobe. The reason it hasn't seen daylight was I'll be showing some skin if I were to wear it, something I'm not comfortable doing in this conservative society I'm currently living in. I've no qualms wearing it and similar style of sundresses though, back home Singapore. It would also be too warm to wear a bolero/jacket over. I cut up the matching bolero I made to go with this 40's style 'sports dress', to top up fabric for the quilt I made for Brian recently, deciding that the bolero isn't my thing after all for now.

Later I found the joy of layering, particularly wearing dresses over my chiffon (3/4 sleeves) tops. Before that, I've been browsing the internet and found myself really liking some 60's inspired designers' shift dresses: especially this! I want to work with what I already have to try to achieve similar looks. I decided to alter the hemline of my floral 'sports dress' to above my knees and wear it pinafore style.

Besides my existing dresses, I've also been wanting to get more mileage out of my camera. I've been bugging Brian to work the functions of my camera and achieve some photos I aspire to have, of me, er-hm. Goal: I need to take more quality photos of people. Here's one of a jumping shot I so wanted to do for a long time. Um, I've to iron out the not-capturing the Bozo-ish hairstyle part, with my dear photographer.

jumping me


  1. What a lovely outfit the dress has become! Worth jumping for joy for definitely:). Love the pictures.

  2. gorgeous dress! and i love the jumping pic, big hair and all!


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