Friday, November 04, 2011

I've been sewing.


Just. not. blogging much. and I'm sewing on a case of need to. I need to get a present. I have a lot of cloth  in storage and I self-imposed-need to start using them as much as I can. Hence I make the present. for a very special someone whose birthday is next week but we'll have a small early celebration this Sunday. Barbeque! and I'm going to cook. (flex fingers. arms stretch) So I have to have the present ready by then. which I did! by today.

So here are pictures of the readied present(s) for a peek or two. 

a surprise fella

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  1. Looks fun, cute and exciting! I have that self-imposed need to start sewing from cloth I have to, which either stresses me or makes me creative depending on the day. Funny, and I know its just cloth.


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