Sunday, November 27, 2011

fabric by the Kilogram

fabric by the Kilo
Along Jalan Dr. M. Isa; Palembang

fabric by the Kilo

Just after lunch and on the way home yesterday, I spotted a little shack by the road with a banner out front advertising sale of fabric by the weight. I thought I'd managed to contain my excitement well (I could have gone hysterical. Not that I needed to buy fabric. I just thought that finally, the thrift gods are smiling at me.) and stopped our ride not too far away and checked the place out.

I'd to remove my sandals before stepping into the tiny place where lots of fabric are stacked around on the floor. There is a variety of materials, some in big bundle bags and in one of those containing good lengths of sweet plain white/cream lace the locals are fond of using as curtains which I really like seeing through their house windows.

While browsing and sifting through the stash, I chatted with the two ladies in the store. Ibu Yaya is the shopkeeper and from whom I learn that her stock came from Bandung; a place of textile factories and popular for its many clothing factory outlets. and gosh, was I glad I talked to them because they shared with me more thrift/vintage shopping venues, of one I verified later in the evening. I was two bagful happy from that trip. Thank you, thrift gods.

From the fabric shack, I bought about 600gm of fabric. 2metres of navy coloured swiss dots cotton, a big remnant of pale pink/blue polka and 2metres of a very pretty light weight border print.

about 600gm


  1. Oh to come across a sign like that. I totally share your excitement! That navy swiss dot will be something very classy for sure and I can so see you in the pink/blue polka dot :-)

  2. Oh WOW! What a cool place to stumble upon. See...these are the odd little gems in Palembang that I miss.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is fabric heaven! Your selection's just so lovely. Can totally see you in them.


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