Thursday, October 27, 2011

sugar 'n raisins pinwheels

sugar 'n raisins pinwheels

My oven refused to work after the move to our current home and I'd to wait more than a month for the spare part to arrive and for it to be fixed. Brian kept saying we'd bought a lemon. Now that the lemon is functioning again since for a week, I'd baked a batch of brownies and a banana bread, each time involving my three year old into the baking activity. Kaeden was really enthusiastic and interested in "helping" me and I found great joy in that.

Some days ago after reading ::this::, I couldn't wait any longer and had to try the recipe out after lunch today. I really wonder how marmite would taste on pastry. But because I'm involving the boys who have sweet tooeeth and are lovers of raisins to "assist" me, I had to try a sweet version of the pinwheels. I followed through Melissa's recipe except for using savoury ingredients, I used brown sugar granules (about half cup), half teaspoon of cinnamon and a sprinkle of raisins. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

altered :: 'Sunflowers' vintage dress

altered :: 'sunflowers' vintage dress

remnants from altering

altered :: 'sunflowers' vintage dress

My collection of vintage clothing is growing slowly but surely; mostly dresses, two tops and two rompers to date. and I adore every piece of it, with some on the very frequent wear rotation. My recent acquisition is an autumnal shade of yellow sunflower print button down dress with a bow as the front feature; bought from ::here::. I love that it has two deep side in-seam pockets and the cotton material is still wonderfully thick. The dress is a little large for me and long too, being an 80's style I believe.

Today I finally altered it, by taking in the sides but not cutting into it for in the event, which I'd never wish upon myself,  that I put on weight,  I could remove the stitching. The permanent change I did to the dress was the length. It was originally tea-length, a rather frumpy look on me. After the alteration, the dress now rests above my knees and I think the dress has taken on a 80's does 50's look quite nicely.

updated on 31 October '11, Monday

um, here's a photo of me wearing the dress on Saturday.

Friday, October 21, 2011

some carriers

bags for mats
Bags for our yoga mats

'Strawberry & friends' gift pouch
A 'Strawberry & friends' gift pouch - for a small friend

'Strawberry & friends' gift pouch
The other side of gift pouch & contents

I'd been away, back to Singapore for two weeks along with Brian and Kaeden. The main reason back was to attend my cousin's wedding which I'd been looking forward to the past months. On a few occasions, Brian and I went looking around at schools as well, one which could be Kaeden's future learning place. The whole trip, my mind was on overdrive, mapping out some plans and worrying over some, to the extent I was afraid I'd turned into an insomniac. Now that I'm back home, I'm catching up on sleep and looking forward to attending my yoga classes. I find that going for classes help shape my week and doing yoga stretches have upped my stamina a lot these days.

I need to replace my tearing old yoga mat bag but I couldn't find a sturdy one to buy in Singapore. I usually bring two mats along with me each time so I need one which could withstand the weight. Out of necessity, for there's a lesson tomorrow, I quickly sewed one up with fabric once bought from Ikea and then another, yesterday. I removed the strap and drawstring fastener from the old bag and sewed it onto the new one. I used some pre-loved fabric and brown trim to make another for Brian, who sometimes followed me into class after some hoaxing on my part.

The last Saturday before we left for Singapore, Kaeden attended his music lesson and his classmate sprang a birthday favour pack on him. It was her birthday recently. Hence on a sewing high, after the bags, I made a gift pouch using the Strawberry Shortcake theme fabric again for holding the contents we intend to give as a belated birthday present.