Monday, August 15, 2011

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Today marks the official first day move to the new-to-us house, with all the shifting and arm work of stacking/packing/lifting heavy stuff. It had been a stressful past week, and I'm hoping this week's move will not incite any more flares (read: me) than necessary. I need to get back into 'the cool'.  

I don't know when I can get things organized and get into the groove of sewing again. Maybe two weeks' time? I saw this post over at Millie Motts and found it to be an incredibly useful information hence I re-post it here, for I'm sure to refer to it again, and again in the future. Thanks, Millie Motts!


  1. I always like the idea of moving to a new place but the nitty gritty of it always gets the better of me every time and I turn into some grouchy and snappy old woman.

  2. I hope you can get to relax now, Fiona. Moving house is so stressful and tiring. Thank you for posting this and leading me to Millie Mots. Great site for lovely vintage snippets! x


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