Sunday, August 07, 2011

50 pouch project :: 12 toile de jouy ||| A Rescued Bird

toile de jouy pouches

12 toile de jouy

I wasn't sewing as much as I'd have liked. Fatigue and the heat seemed overbearing these days. I took to the air conditioned room with the laptop, looking and dreaming of chiffon evening party dresses far too much. I put an end to it by finally settling my mind on one, ahem and got the rest of my head straight for completing the tasks I've set out to do. Making pouches to add on to my 50 pouch project, for one.

I used my calico this time, cut up around the printed blue, backed with corduroy and lined with pre-loved floral sheet cotton. All 12 completed today.

and sometime this week, Friday(?) after lunch, Brian rescued a fallen bird from the nasty drain in front of our home. It wasn't our first encounter up close to a small bird.

rescue a bird

rescue a bird

rescued bird

Brian seems to have an affinity for this. He gave the bird a quick shower, pat it dry and let it rest in a shoebox which we left in a flower bed. It didn't stay long. The bird flew right off after seeing me (with a toothbrush in my mouth, yep) when I went to check on it about an hour later.


  1. Your little pouches look lovely! And your beloved ones with the little bird, too :)
    No wonder this bird was cured so fast, even your photos show the love you guys shared with him!

  2. I love those little purses. Such a classic fabric. So pleased for the little birdie too. We weren't so successful rescuing the last bird. The RSPB advised putting it in a box in a high place so its mother might return. So we put it on a flat roof to the extension and it tried to fly and fell off. I found the whole thing really upsetting. I would be a dreadful vet!


    I know.. I didn't want to admit at first but the bird kind of took off after seeing me. It would have stayed and rest longer had I not appeared, looking scary with that toothbrush in mouth..

  4. Fantastic pouches! And that little adventure with the bird is so sweet. Was the little boy upset when it flew away?

  5. @Amanda

    Hi! Kaeden was just a little disappointed after i told him the bird flew away. Then he quickly moved on to other distractions. whew!


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