Tuesday, July 26, 2011

strawberries :: apron

'strawberries' apron
It had been an eventful past two weeks for me and my family. I dealt with a minor cold hence lazy lethargic days and then it was off to Jakarta last Tuesday. We spent a few days in the city, with Brian away at work the first two days. On one of those days, I brought Kaeden to KidZania. It was certainly a memorable time although I'd think he would have a better learning opportunity at play there when he gets a bit bigger. When we returned home after the trip, the poor boy fell sick with stomach flu the next day. We went through lots of bed sheet changing and soup macaroni sessions over the weekend.

I took a little time off last evening to do some sewing in order to get my mind off my duties. Using the vintage McCall's 1877 (Misses' Aprons with Four-Color Strawberry Transfer) I'd received from Adey, I made the view A, a half apron as a birthday present for Jenny, Kaeden's auntie; of which the fabric of linen and pink cotton were already in my stash. 

I found absolute great joy in using the two of the nearly-60-year-old strawberries print transfers which still work beautifully(!) that came with the pattern.

strawberries print transfer

'strawberries' apron close-up

I omitted the band on the bottom of the apron, added an additional pocket instead and decorated the waistband using white lace. I thought the transfer paper was too precious to be thrown away even after using it and pasted it on a piece of cardboard. I wrote a recipe of homemade strawberry jam I found online on the other side. Then gift wrap the apron in a piece of organza.

recipe card n' apron gift

Now that Kaeden is feeling a lot better, I should be able to get some time out of home soon and shop for a cookbook which I intend to gift along the apron.


  1. How amazing that such an old transfer still works beautifully, yet if you buy modern ones, they fail miserably! I am so impressed, not only with the lovely apron but with your beautiful giftwrapping idea and the additional recipe. You are so thoughtful Fiona.

  2. i agree- you are so thoughtful. that's a beautiful apron- i love the transfers on it.

  3. what a wonderful gift! I love what you have done with the apron and the transfers! Sure made me happy that the pattern went to the right person :)


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