Tuesday, July 05, 2011

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our magical creation boxes

our magical creation boxes

I'm currently reading 'Ask and It is Given', a book akin to the concept or a new thought of 'the law of attraction', something Brian introduced me to and who has been egging me on to read about and practice on. Unlike fiction and novels, I tend to read (self-help?) books at a real slow pace, preferring to dwell and digest a point at a time each day.

One of the exercises (called 'process' in the book) to help me achieve my desires faster is to possess a box which I'll be happy to look at and in it, fill up with cuttings of pictures (from ie. magazines/catalogs/brochures, for which in my case, it'll have to be images from the world wide web) and written words of experiences I'll love to have in my life. The rationale of that is : the act of putting them into the box reduces or brings to naught, any chance of resistance in aid of things (you desire) to happen quickly.

Okay, so this sounds like a fun idea to me and definitely something I could work on. I picked up two stowed away weave baskets which came with my jam purchases and set to work on labeling them. I knew I didn't want printed words on paper and thought I could try embroidered words on fabric instead. and I wanted them quick. So instead of hand embroidering, I used my sewing machine. At first I used the zig zag function and nearly wanted to give up at the word 'contained'. I thought it was too messy but i persevered. Not the nicest looking words around but I'm glad Brian's okay with it. Sorry! I then switched to simple straight lines for words on my box. Still messy but much better.

Now, to fill that box in...


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