Friday, July 08, 2011

Lowly worm

Lowly worm

feeding Lowly

Kaeden is a huge fan of Richard Scarry's stories, particularly the ones involving characters residing in Busytown. I'll try to get hold of related books to read to him whenever and the boy is fond of watching the Busytown mysteries (learning a few catchphrases from Pig Will and Pig Won't while at it) and the whole Best Ever! series videos on dvds. Naturally he will have a favourite character and that happens to be Lowly worm.

There was pressure on me from the father and son duo to make a Lowly worm plush toy. Kaeden has been increasing the pressure especially of late. He would say, "Lowly has one shoe on, a hat and no hands." so I would get a good mental picture of how to make one. Okay, I felt the heat. I couldn't even buy one (and get it quick to save me in time) even if I want to. I really have to make one.

I got to work right after breakfast this morning, skipping our routine of writing and table-work and guess what, no bugging of watching cartoon from my boy. Kaeden very obediently played by himself but of course, barging into my workspace and asking me every now and then, "Is it done yet?".

Kaeden's new companion is made of fabric (some reused from clothing/sheet), stuffing and felt as interface for the hat and two small buttons for the shirt. and he loves it. He wants to bring it out, "so I can show to 'all people'. Can I bring him to the cinema with me?". Are we going to the cinema? We have yet to watch a show in a cinema together. That boy is certainly good at putting fun ideas into my head.


  1. oh my goodness! it's AMAZING! i love that worm when i was little as well but i haven't thought about those stories in years. i'm so glad this reminded me! it's so awesome. was it difficult?

  2. @Sofia

    Hi Sofia! It wasn't a complete breeze neither was it difficult to make a Lowly. I forgot to add, there was a very impressive mummy who held a Busytown birthday theme for her boy and she shared on how she made those felt Lowly worms as party favours.

    Go here:

    The pattern was from 'Richard Scarry's Best Make-it Book Ever'. I eyeball drew mine out on a drawing block size paper. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Hello!
    I found your blog via Burdastyle's Featured Member. I spent time reading your 'Clothing' posts and I must say you have done a lot of really nice sewing. I will be following you via Google Reader. Cheers!

  4. My son loved Lowly Worm as he was growing up as well as Gold Bug. I wish that I had made a Lowly Worm doll as you did. Great work.


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