Wednesday, July 06, 2011

ladies of the yesteryear

I've been immensely lucky to receive some gorgeous things in the mail of late.
Here are some with very pretty illustrated ladies of the past.

gifted patterns

Two sewing paper patterns I won in past separate giveaways. (Thank you, Adey and Michelle.) I'm hoping to work on them soon! On top of a pattern, Michelle also gave me a gift voucher to I have never bought fabric online once bought a charm pack of reproduction fabric and I was so overwhelmed when shopping for one! After thinking hard and long, I decided to cut the chase and go with 4 yards of this:

Something I would be sure of using and that it is stretch jersey, a fabric I would want to try my hands sewing on. I hope I made a good decision!

side note: does not ship to Indonesia as of date.


A birthday package which contained this sweet-at-first-hilarious-later tin box and a lovely written card from my best friend. Thank you, Qing!


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