Sunday, July 03, 2011

bread pudding & kettle corn

bread pudding

bread pudding

I've often wondered how a dish of baked bread and butter pudding tastes like, reading about it for the first time :: here :: a signature dish of Amesh's. She was really kind to share the recipe with me but I was too lazy to get it translated into English, and that was nearly a year ago. A few days ago I found out I have something similar in a mini cookbook already on my bookshelf. 

Bread pudding with green apples, cinnamon and raisins, recipe from 'Baked treats' by Chef Wan.
The portion runs big for our family. So I'll half the ingredients the next time I make it. We had it for lunch for the first time and finally I know how it tastes! I do like eating bread and butter.


Then we had kettle corn for teatime.
I do hope you have yummy treats to eat today. Happy Sunday!


  1. Hmm it looks so good and delicious, can you give us a recipe please?

  2. @masini second


    it's quite similar to the one I used. Enjoy!


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