Wednesday, June 22, 2011

white stripes purple top

In an effort to stash bust, I was in the mood to make a blouse using the purple jersey a friend has given me last year (thanks, Iris!). The yardage is good for making a top and after noticing striped print clothing in stores and online these days, I'm sufficiently inspired. I'd been keeping the fabric and telling myself I'd make a top out of it once I have a serger machine. Today is the day.

There wasn't a pattern, I simply used a worn out house blouse as the pattern base and made a deep boat neckline and with cap sleeves. Sewed and serged up all seams and machine sewed the turned in hemming. I got a new loose  comfy house-blouse now.

At the house back yard; checking out the substances on the ground.


  1. This is super cute! The purple and white looks great on you. Great job using worn out clothing as a pattern for new clothing.

  2. That's quite a lovely house-blouse. The pattern you've come up with seems just right for the fabric. Nice work!

    I've been seeing stripes and plaids a lot as well and am making something plaid currently.


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