Monday, June 20, 2011

wardrobe dream :: '11 birthday giveaway winner

The just-over weekend had been packed with fun activities; what with me turning a year older (a total of 31!) on Friday and Father's Day on Sunday, my family used those two good reasons to spend some quality time together. Many thanks to my dear friends who had written to me with their well wishes and I'm making sure that I'll reply them by today. Also, to all who had shared with me a dream of theirs in my giveaway post, particularly:

a big thank you! The winner of my birthday giveaway is Jali!

I ought to share a small dream of mine in return. It is one in many and which I suppose, quite achievable since I'm already working on it. To fill my wardrobe with everyday wearable (especially hot climate friendly!) vintage/yesteryear (40's-70's) inspired clothing. I'm far from being one who is very fashion forward and as of today I'm still figuring out what works best for and on me.  I found myself especially fond of the styles and fabric used in vintage clothing so I'm going to work towards that. I recently re-hauled my cupboard by pulling out clothes I'd not worn for more than a year and those which already looked very used and sad and keeping back those I'd wear. This has resulted in a less cluttered wardrobe space and I found myself picking out clothes I'd normally ignore, to wear and had given my favourite ones a respite from the frequent rotation of wash rounds. Nevertheless, shopping for vintage clothing has always been fun and exciting for me especially the anticipation of a good piece to come along my way!

Here are two photos of me finally donning my last handmade 40's inspired suit for a nice dinner:

'45 sports dress

'45 dress and bolero suit


  1. The outfit turned out as charming as the pictures before were promising. The fit is great as well.

    That wardrobe will be a truly special one. Hope you have the most beautiful adventures as you strive towards your wardrobe dream. I will be following through your journey as you post on this blog.

  2. The dress and bolero are SO pretty and classy! Happy belated birthday too, hope you had a great time! Realized I have missed quite a number of posts since hubby went on leave kekeke.


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