Wednesday, June 01, 2011

perch. bird brooch & cotton :: birthday giveaway! (sorry, closed!)

perch. a bird brooch :: giveaway!

cotton fabric :: giveaway!

As with the past year, I'll like to continue the practice of holding a giveaway in my birthday month. To spread a little joy, in this case, a brooch and fabric to a lucky someone!

For this giveaway, I'd recently picked out a little painted purple metal (brass, I think) with rhinestones bird brooch which I'm bracing myself to be apart from and a 1.5m long of white cotton with tiny embroidered squares. The fabric will be perfect for making up the Sorbetto top :: a free to download Colette pattern! Off my imagination, the bird brooch is happily pinned onto the 60's inspired top after it's being made. I really do hope the recipient would kindly send me a picture of that should my imagination materialize! Even if it isn't so, I'm sure the fabric will come in useful for various crafts and the brooch will look good on any pretty dress or blouse.

So if you, my dear reader, would like to win this (fabric + brooch) set, please leave me a comment in this post, and share with me a dream project of yours; it could be craft or charity related, a kitchen re-do, anything! I'll also like to use this opportunity to invite (not obligatory, you must know) any regular reader of mine to include my blog into your google reading list ie. be my blog follower! If you already are, thank you! At the end of your comment, please leave me a form of contact: your blog or e-mail address because should you win, I'll like to inform you or otherwise just check back to see if you're the  winner and write to me with your mailing address.

I'll pick out a winner's name off my hat on my birthday, the 17th and post out this giveaway in a flat envelope to anywhere in the world. Good luck!


  1. I'd like to have a shop of my own - it changes time to time from a bakery to a handmade product shop ;D
    Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    fsarah09 at gmail dot com

  2. A dream project: to be able to grow all of our own produce. Some day.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. My dream project would be running somewhere that someone could come and sew or craft meet other people, have coffee, a chat and maybe learn something new and have somewhere my baby could safely play while I could sew away to my hearts content

  4. My dream project is to complete a whole 1930s/40s wardrobe that I can wear all the time. I think it would be quite lovely!

    tinybowshandmade (at) gmail (dot) com

  5. my dream project would be to have a successful clothing line in the near future. it'll take patience though. happy birthday to you!

  6. Happy birthday Fiona. ooo... I could find many a use for this lovely fabric. Perhaps another cutesy baby dress or a gypsy top or indeed I checked out the Sorbetto blouse - thanks for that link - it would be perfect. My dream project would be a beautifully hand embelleshed couture dress of silk and hand made lace. But I fear I am just a dreamer!

  7. Happy Birthday Fiona, may our good Lord blesses you more and abundantly in everything you wish and do ^^ and i love the give-away gift .. mmm how i wish i could sew like you a dress and my dream, that i be able to do better in sewing and do all kind of little sewing i love hehehe .. i still wanna sew a dream hehehe <3

  8. Happy Birthday Fiona! Thank you for doing the giveaway. The brooch and fabric are really pretty.

    As for a dream project, I would like to sew an Indian outfit with really elaborate hand embroidery one day. Just a dream among many others.

  9. Hi Fiona, happy birthday. I just stumbled across your blog and am really enjoying it. I've started a blog recently and sharing about my crafting projects has definitely got the creative juices flowing - now I seem to be dreaming of possible future scenarios all the time! Me in an interiors shop with upcycled furniture and a collection of Russian Dolls. Me finding a plot of land and building a house from what used to be a shipping container. Me crafting a collection of beautiful patchwork quilts (this is something I have at least started on!) that will one day be passed on to my daughters... Hmmm, it seems that all of my dreams begin with 'Me' - does this make me self-centred?! Ah well. Anyway, thanks for hosting the giveaway. My blog is x

  10. holla Fiona ,first : happy sweet 17th for special you are :)

    may i join you giveaway :)
    for cute bird ,maybe ill put this with big Frame ,ill make the handmade tree from fabric and ,the bird is from you :)
    and with the fabric I could use half of it to be a pillowcase,I will make it more yellow color with tea water, and after that half it again I could use to decorate the pillow becomes sweeter
    hope you like my idea :) nice to meet your blog ,and have a nice wonderful sweet seventeen :)
    from belinda-myurbey

  11. @Belinda Regina

    Hello Belinda! :) thanks for your sweet comment but I must tell you I'm not 17! I turned 31 on the 17th, last Friday.

    you've great ideas! :)

  12. oops my apology .. typo error, should be '.. i still wanna sew a DRESS hehehe <3' and congratulations to winner Jali ..


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