Sunday, June 12, 2011

floral sports dress

McCall 5953 (copyright 1945)

'45 sports dress

'45 sports dress

McCall 5953

'45 sports dress

Today is one of those rare Sundays which I had initially set out to laze around and not achieve much but on the contrary did quite a bit and felt I had fulfilled some even before the day's end. The family went cycling around the estate after breakfast and I came home to make a lunch (and also dinner later) of American style Mexican burrito, food the family Brian and I, not including the young one yet, have come to love after the introduction from our friends. We, again referring to B and I, have a thing for guacamole, for sure. Kaeden is happy with his "regimented" rice and side dishes diet and I'm hoping he'll break out of his mould soon, by dinnertime maybe?

After lunch, I finished up the details of the dress I'd been working on, stitching on the buttons and hemming up the length. The pattern is a McCall 5953, copyright 1945, labeled Junior Miss Sports Dress & Bolero. It sure is feminine looking for a sports dress! I used some medium weight dark navy blue floral cotton bought from a fabric shopping trip with my sister-in-law in Chinatown last trip to Singapore. I had taken a slower pace of sewing this time, taking care with every step and process. Next, the bolero!


  1. That sounds like an interesting dinner table and a very appetising meal:).

    The dress looks really pretty and I love the fabric for it. Seems to say vintage, feminine and charming.

  2. i love it too! you are so clever fiona. :)


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