Wednesday, June 22, 2011

white stripes purple top

In an effort to stash bust, I was in the mood to make a blouse using the purple jersey a friend has given me last year (thanks, Iris!). The yardage is good for making a top and after noticing striped print clothing in stores and online these days, I'm sufficiently inspired. I'd been keeping the fabric and telling myself I'd make a top out of it once I have a serger machine. Today is the day.

There wasn't a pattern, I simply used a worn out house blouse as the pattern base and made a deep boat neckline and with cap sleeves. Sewed and serged up all seams and machine sewed the turned in hemming. I got a new loose  comfy house-blouse now.

At the house back yard; checking out the substances on the ground.

Monday, June 20, 2011

wardrobe dream :: '11 birthday giveaway winner

The just-over weekend had been packed with fun activities; what with me turning a year older (a total of 31!) on Friday and Father's Day on Sunday, my family used those two good reasons to spend some quality time together. Many thanks to my dear friends who had written to me with their well wishes and I'm making sure that I'll reply them by today. Also, to all who had shared with me a dream of theirs in my giveaway post, particularly:

a big thank you! The winner of my birthday giveaway is Jali!

I ought to share a small dream of mine in return. It is one in many and which I suppose, quite achievable since I'm already working on it. To fill my wardrobe with everyday wearable (especially hot climate friendly!) vintage/yesteryear (40's-70's) inspired clothing. I'm far from being one who is very fashion forward and as of today I'm still figuring out what works best for and on me.  I found myself especially fond of the styles and fabric used in vintage clothing so I'm going to work towards that. I recently re-hauled my cupboard by pulling out clothes I'd not worn for more than a year and those which already looked very used and sad and keeping back those I'd wear. This has resulted in a less cluttered wardrobe space and I found myself picking out clothes I'd normally ignore, to wear and had given my favourite ones a respite from the frequent rotation of wash rounds. Nevertheless, shopping for vintage clothing has always been fun and exciting for me especially the anticipation of a good piece to come along my way!

Here are two photos of me finally donning my last handmade 40's inspired suit for a nice dinner:

'45 sports dress

'45 dress and bolero suit

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

light brown bolero

light brown bolero

light brown bolero

The bolero is a breeze to make in just a few hours yesterday and the thick sturdy fabric made it even more enjoyable to sew. I followed almost every bit of the pattern and instructions from the the vintage pattern McCall 5953 except for sewing and inserting the shoulder pads, fashion accessories I haven't yet grow to like. I'll post up photos of me wearing the completed suit when I get to do so!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

floral sports dress

McCall 5953 (copyright 1945)

'45 sports dress

'45 sports dress

McCall 5953

'45 sports dress

Today is one of those rare Sundays which I had initially set out to laze around and not achieve much but on the contrary did quite a bit and felt I had fulfilled some even before the day's end. The family went cycling around the estate after breakfast and I came home to make a lunch (and also dinner later) of American style Mexican burrito, food the family Brian and I, not including the young one yet, have come to love after the introduction from our friends. We, again referring to B and I, have a thing for guacamole, for sure. Kaeden is happy with his "regimented" rice and side dishes diet and I'm hoping he'll break out of his mould soon, by dinnertime maybe?

After lunch, I finished up the details of the dress I'd been working on, stitching on the buttons and hemming up the length. The pattern is a McCall 5953, copyright 1945, labeled Junior Miss Sports Dress & Bolero. It sure is feminine looking for a sports dress! I used some medium weight dark navy blue floral cotton bought from a fabric shopping trip with my sister-in-law in Chinatown last trip to Singapore. I had taken a slower pace of sewing this time, taking care with every step and process. Next, the bolero!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

a belt

It will be a while more until my current project: a 1940's sun dress and a matching bolero are completed. Here's a quick peek at the belt that goes with the dress-to-be, using a buckle I bought sometime back and which I got Brian to help remove the prong.

on other news:

I so so wish I could be :: here ::.

My giveaway is still going on!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

perch. bird brooch & cotton :: birthday giveaway! (sorry, closed!)

perch. a bird brooch :: giveaway!

cotton fabric :: giveaway!

As with the past year, I'll like to continue the practice of holding a giveaway in my birthday month. To spread a little joy, in this case, a brooch and fabric to a lucky someone!

For this giveaway, I'd recently picked out a little painted purple metal (brass, I think) with rhinestones bird brooch which I'm bracing myself to be apart from and a 1.5m long of white cotton with tiny embroidered squares. The fabric will be perfect for making up the Sorbetto top :: a free to download Colette pattern! Off my imagination, the bird brooch is happily pinned onto the 60's inspired top after it's being made. I really do hope the recipient would kindly send me a picture of that should my imagination materialize! Even if it isn't so, I'm sure the fabric will come in useful for various crafts and the brooch will look good on any pretty dress or blouse.

So if you, my dear reader, would like to win this (fabric + brooch) set, please leave me a comment in this post, and share with me a dream project of yours; it could be craft or charity related, a kitchen re-do, anything! I'll also like to use this opportunity to invite (not obligatory, you must know) any regular reader of mine to include my blog into your google reading list ie. be my blog follower! If you already are, thank you! At the end of your comment, please leave me a form of contact: your blog or e-mail address because should you win, I'll like to inform you or otherwise just check back to see if you're the  winner and write to me with your mailing address.

I'll pick out a winner's name off my hat on my birthday, the 17th and post out this giveaway in a flat envelope to anywhere in the world. Good luck!