Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a '52 dress

'52 dress

B4919 retro butterick

'52 dress

When I heard that my cousin will be getting married in October, I began *imagining attending his wedding in a self made vintage/retro looking dress. I got really excited about the wedding mainly because I have not, in many years, attended an elaborate wedding function where guests would sit down on a decorated table with courses of dishes served. I miss attending such an event and really hope I could make it for his. The few weddings I'd attended in Palembang were usually hurried affairs and lack the air of love hence romanticism that ought to (in my humble opinion) hovers a wedding (if not, what for?).

In one recent occasion, I'd witnessed guests rushing to the buffet table of food when the lids were just removed, before the hosts mentioned anything about eating in the function hall and only shortly after the wedding commenced. I was stunned and had felt so sorry for the new couple and both sets of parents/guardian when they looked onto the scene from the stage. The wedding was over in less than 2 hours. A stream of people started leaving once after their stomachs were filled. Very few went up front to congratulate the newly weds. Perhaps it's because of this sad scene etched in my mind, I desperately want to right the idealism of a wedding in my head again.

I know I need to start practicing making dresses more if I want to fulfill my little dream*. So as I was looking around at paper patterns, I chanced upon the US$1.99 sale going on over at Butterick and promptly ordered some retro styles off the website. I had this soft flow-y fabric of roses print in brown tones for awhile. The local shop lady said the material is chiffon when I enquired. But I'm still not too sure. I bought 3 metres of it. Once I had the patterns on hand, I decided to match the fabric to B4919,'52 style. It's a lot less yardage than required but luckily I had some hand me down beige silky fabric which I used for the front bodice lining and because of my not so tall height, the fabric was just enough after I adjusted the skirt length. 

I am pretty happy with how the dress turned out except that the v neckline is too low for me. It looks like the pattern is for one with a very high waist. But it isn't a problem a nice brooch can't fix. I might just wear this on the day!

Tomorrow, a giveaway!


  1. I just found your blog through Burda and I had to tell you how much I love this dress. I never would have seen this outcome given the pattern envelope. Beautiful job!

    * I apologize if this is a duplicate post... something went a little wacky before. *

  2. i LOVE this one, fiona. and you look beautiful!


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