Tuesday, May 24, 2011

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vintage leather clutch

vintage AILY clutch

I'm home in Palembang, to most things a-okay except for my withered bonsai plants. Took an early morning flight back, and rested for a bit after unpacking. I can't help but feel a little homesick for now. I'd like to sort out the photos the family has taken and post up the best parts of some outings next and soon, get back to sewing once the humdrum has settle in.

Brian and I, just as per every trip, have brought back goodies, especially food we love which we couldn't get here, tons of books and some favourite things. The clutch bags above are two favourite items of mine but I'd left them behind instead. The vintage blue leather clutch was bought from Granny's Day Out and it had proved to be a very spacious and easy to use bag. I'd already used it on many short trips out and on errand runs, when Kaeden wasn't following because if he was, I'd to lug more items (of his) out.

The brown AILY clutch which belonged to my mum and who used it in the 70's, was a surprise find after some clearing of space in the bedroom and I promptly claimed it as mine. In the bag, I found a handwritten note of relatives' Chinese names, a long pencil and a pair of small tear drop shape jade which mum had totally forgotten about.


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