Saturday, May 14, 2011

Don Handmade :: Day 4 & last day 5

Day 3 - 13.5.11

We had a car for the day driving to places where taking public transport was a bit of a hassle. We went around getting medication, shopping at Mustafa Centre; Little India and then lunch near Sungei Road. I was wearing the polka dot blouse, something I hadn't put on in a long time.

Day 5 - 14.5.11

Here I am, in the 'Just because' dress, sitting on the sofa at my parents'. I'm dressed up for dinner somewhere. By today, I'm kind of exhausted, a result of the past days' activities and I don't have a ready smile for most people, let alone the camera. Do pardon me.


It was a challenge for me to take photos of myself, especially in consecutive days. Having to rush from one place to another also wasn't ideal for locating a nice background and slowly taking the time to pose for the camera. I'm really usually camera shy and these photos for the past days were not my best front. However, I'd succeeded in making myself wear my handmade clothing for 5 consecutive days. I know I'll have to start making more bottoms: pants and skirts.


  1. You've done well! I thought all the photos were great - I personally am the most photogenic person I know of so I just avoid it as much as possible.

    Take some time out to enjoy your time back in Sg.

  2. Well done! I totally know how exhausting it can be to document what you wear daily, you have done a marvelous job doing that!


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