Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don Handmade :: Day 1 & 2

In an effort to wear the clothing I'd made more often, I'd decided to challenge myself to this self campaign of 'Don Handmade Daily'. But I could only do 5 consecutive days. I know, I'm such a cheater. What 10 / 14 days? I looked through my wardrobe and picked out 5 pieces (4 blouses and 1 dress) which I would wear for my visit and stay in Singapore. This 14 day trip, I limited myself to 9 tops, 4 pants, a skirt and a dress. A lot more separates so I won't quickly get sick of similar entire outfits and for practicality as well.

Day 1 - 10.5.11

day 1 outfit 10.5.11

I started the self campaign off yesterday when I took the flight back to Singapore accompanied by my husband and son, wearing my green handmade smock, over a white camisole, matched with a store bought black chiffon skirt and a grey cardigan. I love this skirt  I've had for many years a lot but I seldom wear it. I thought I'd like to wear a skirt more and that it's black, it shouldn't be too difficult to match with my other blouses.

I like the above photo which captured a pretty Singapore Airline flight attendant walking behind us at the airport. I was happy to be home. But boy, the day started to get really busy.

day 1 outfit 10.5.11

Day 2 - 11.5.11

day 2 outfit 11.5.11
thinking ahead of the possibly total achievable errands

day 2 outfit 11.5.11

Today is busy errand running day. Brian took a few quick photo shots of Kaeden and me in front of the mailboxes before we set out. I'm expecting some mail coming. I'm wearing the white peter pan collar blouse with a pair of loose blue shorts by cotton ink and a pair of flip flops. I had to do a fair bit of walking in the hot weather in the neighbourhood, going to the banks, got an old pair of sandals fixed at the cobbler's, lunch and a trip to the printers and library, dinner grocery shopping at the supermarket, met our father and son duo friends. It was a lot.... and I'm beat. 'til the next outfit day!


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