Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Chair Slings

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About a little more than a month ago, I paid a local seamstress to help me sew a batch of baby chair slings out of some fabric (100% cotton) I'd purchased, then brought them over to Doinky Doodles! shop during my last trip back to Singapore. The best thing about the sling is it folds into a small lightweight attached pouch.

Don't know a thing about a chair sling? Simply put, it's a handy item a parent/guardian brings along for meal sessions during outings with a young child who isn't ready to sit on a regular chair without supervision and aid. During the time when Kaeden was just learning to sit, I find it very useful, particularly during my stay in Palembang where many restaurants/eateries are not yet equip with feeding high chairs or if there are, they are few and not cleaned regularly! I also brought my chair sling along each time I returned to Singapore and stayed with my parents who do not have a baby feeding chair in their home. It was a good tool for me to instill good eating manners ie. staying at the table until food is finished, into Kaeden, starting at a young age.

So do pop over Doinky Doodles! to have a look at the selection of the baby chair slings (and also check out my other items). Xin, the artist shop keeper has so creatively made a baby model and drew an illustration for the instructions! \('u')/

illustrations and image by Xin

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  1. That would have been so useful to have when we were in Palembang!


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