Monday, May 02, 2011

'almost a skirt' shorts


I'm running low on steam when it comes to sewing, blogging and sadly, keeping up with the everyday. What I was afraid would happen last week, didn't. Our domestic helper has decided not to relocate to another town. That was a huge relief for all three of us at home. She is an immense asset to us and we don't want to lose her at this point if we can help it. However that didn't spike me up. Maybe it's the lingering cold bug in my system. Whatever it is, I know I need a break, some stimulation to the spirits and a bit of excitement of being in a city again. A stay by the sea also seems ideal  for the soul but the pragmatic me knows it's out of reach for awhile more. Did you watch the Royal wedding? I witnessed the vows and most of everything that could be aired on television. The romanticism is still swirling around in my mind and I'm still a bit off the ground.

I made the (1951 McCall's 8552) shorts I wanted to last Thurday and wore it out yesterday with a yellow store bought blouse to match. The thing is a little loose on me and my, I totally forgot about making adjustments to the crotch. I need to re draft the pattern again. and the current mood calls for holding off the making of the blouse from that pattern.

'almost a skirt' shorts


  1. Hang in there.....the shorts are fabulous and you can show them off in Singapore soon.

  2. It's lovely. The pockets look nice !

  3. I would agree they look a little loose on you but the style of them is fab and I bet they are great to wear. Sorry to hear you are not feeling so well. I hope very much that you get better soon x

  4. Fiona, honestly, you look so great in that short


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