Wednesday, April 27, 2011

some goals

I keep visualizing this image illustration of a year 1951 pattern, latest in my possession; a shirt and pants ensemble in my mind. I really want to make this outfit, particularly the pants (I love the pocket detailing and that the fly and button fastening are at the back!) and if I could have my way, the exact colours. But the fabric shopping trip yesterday only yield a dark green canvas and a white dotted swiss for the top. Still, they are an essential and lacking colours in my wardrobe.

It will be a bit more challenging for the pattern obtained is not in my size and I'd to redraft it. I had already made a muslin mock up of the pants and the waistband needed further lengthening. I hope to make the muslin for the top sometime later this week. I'm giving myself a time frame of 1-2 weeks or so to complete this project for I'm afraid I might have to face a potential domestic change upfront and I'm currently still nursing a cold.

So...(sniff)  do excuse the crickets for while.

The second challenge I decided to impose myself is to wear my handmade garments more regularly, to be precise on consecutive days, say 10? 14 days? My handmade garment is limited yet so I can't do a whole month. My tentative start date is the 10th of May. I'll like to put on my handmade, go places and take some pictures. With this as a goal, I hope to strive at making better quality clothing to wear so I won't ridicule myself in public. nah, I'm not that serious. I'm hoping this self challenge will be fun and with hindsight, perhaps, bring some insights and reflections on what works, the mehs and the no-nos on me.


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