Monday, April 18, 2011

a Singaporean in Palembang

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An article introducing Palembang :: travel snippets, published on 17 April 2011: The Sunday Times, the Sunday edition of the The Straits Times by the Singapore Press holdings, written by me. All revision by the editor and journalist, Huang Huifen. Many thanks to you, Huifen!

After this number of years living in Palembang, I can only count my brother in law and his family who are Singaporeans that I know of living in this part of Indonesia. Just one family! I have more expatriate friends from the United States than from my hometown (zilch, for the record!) over here. Anyone knows a Singaporean living in Palembang? Brian and I will be happy to talk weather, kids and the upcoming G.E. over homecook hainanese chicken rice and laksa with a new friend. oh, how I wish!


  1. YAY! I know a celebrity!!!! Congrats Fiona, that was a great article.

    That article, coupled with talking to you today is really making me miss Palembang. I wish they had a budget airline that flew from Brisbane.

  2. @Amanda

    gosh, I'm no celebrity!!! far from it.
    it's been really great chatting with you. if there's a budget airline from here to BNE, i'll be visiting you!

  3. I love palembang so much, hope that there will be more flights from Singapore-Palembang to support Sea Games this year where palembang is chosen to be host city.

    I've been living in Singapore for years and I miss palembang.^^

    Nowadays,Palembang has already improved a lot,new hotels and shopping malls are built.

  4. Thanks a lot Fiona. I am from Palembang but live in Singapore. I really miss the food there after reading ur article.

  5. hi fiona,
    i am from malaysia and was battling whether to settle down in palembang with my husband? i was worried on what to do and where to stay and how our kids studies etc etc but after reading bout your article really enlighten me up to dare to face a totally new environment and culture with my husband family.. we havent decided on the dates and where to stay at the moment but his family house is in sekayu..

    thanks for the update and encouragement

    valerie towle

  6. @syaval garden furniture

    Hello Valerie, I totally understand the thoughts of having to move to a new environment. I suppose having relatives in town would help abit.

    Write to me if you'll like to know more about Palembang. I could give my two rupiah worth but I hope you won't mind.

  7. thanks for the reply fiona,

    hope we can catch up when we are living in palembang..
    we will be arranging our marriage in one years time in palembang the proceding with the kitas and so on..

    great if we could meet up..


  8. @valerie

    sure! wishing you all the best in your arrangements and for your big move. :)


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