Monday, April 04, 2011

'The Rosy Past' black dress

black dress

black dress

black dress

After my subscription to reading The Sew Weekly's newsletter, I learn that this week's theme is to sew an apron and for it to stand out on thy-self, a black dress to go along with it. I aprons! So I decided to take up this personal challenge and it would also be fun to view fellow sew-ists' works in the website's community at the end of the week.

The suggested pattern for making a black dress is from Burdastyle. I recalled cutting up a pattern that I like from a Japanese craft/garment making book, キャミソール&ワンピース (手づくりevery day) ISBN4-579-11043-9 in my possession, a long time ago but didn't get to make. Fortunately this time round, I've had all the materials required. The leftover black linen from making Brian's birthday shirt was just enough! Besides following the pattern, I included in seams pockets for both sides on my own, using cut up fabric from Brian's old shirt which he wore on our wedding night nearly 7 years ago. It was a red rose print on white thick cotton. I remembered teasing him about it.

The above pictures of my completed dress are teasers. I shall name the dress: 'The Rosy Past'. I'll wear it up after the apron (of which I haven't yet decide on a pattern) is made hopefully, by week's end.


Speaking of the recent past, how was your weekend?

My family gave the weekend a good start by baking an apple pie together on Friday evening. I used Betty Crocker's pie crust mix and basically followed the recipe at the side of the box. (view here and here). We had ran through a few different boxes of Betty Crocker's, all of which I bought during the  last trip to Jakarta. Banana walnut muffins? Alright. Chocolate walnut brownies? Really good! Pie crust? Good... with apple cinnamon fillings. t'was great with vanilla ice cream too.

On Saturday, Kaeden joined a music class for the first time. I'd decided that him staying at home  for most part of the week is pushing him and myself too far and hence we need a little stimulation aside from what minor socializing we do during the week. So we had the first lesson of Yamaha Music Wonderland at the latest music school over here in Palembang. The songs in the curriculum are originally written in Japanese and we are learning the Indonesian versions.

"oui! oui! oui!, oui! oui! oui!" 
My current resident earworm...

(watch this to comprehend my statement.)


  1. Your dress turned out great! I have this book too and this is one of the dresses I like.


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