Thursday, April 07, 2011

'Roses' utility apron

utility apron

utility apron

utility apron

I have sewn some aprons and on the route of collecting vintage ones. The ones I'd sewn were either mostly for sale or as a gift. I'd only made and kept one half apron for myself and that was a long time ago. The vintage ones in my collection are a gift and the rest of the few, bought as a lot of five. I'd decided to join this week's theme over at The Sew Weekly and make one full apron to keep and use for myself. I'll like a vintage styled apron but I don't have a vintage apron pattern. Thanks to the awesome apron pattern compilation ::online here::, there is a pattern I'd fallen for: *polka dot* Utility Apron, 1945.

image source

At the fabric store, I was on the lookout for white with red polka fabric and there wasn't any. But a rose print green cotton lawn with embroidered borders caught my eye and I thought it would still be possible for the apron pattern I'd chosen. Drafting out the pattern wasn't as difficult as I'd thought initially and I had the paper pattern pieces on hand in a few minutes. Instead of using bias tape, I hemmed all the raw edges. Also, instead of snap button fastening, I chose to use a button and sewed on a rick-rack loop. Overall, it was a really easy and fun project, combining new fabric with a (free, to boot!) vintage pattern!

black dress
Me, in my 'The Rosy Past' black dress

All photos taken by dear patient spouse, Brian.


  1. Love love love your apron! It's so sweet and really look vintage! The fabric is just awesome!!!! Where can I get it? hahaha. The shoes are SO cute! Are they vintage too? The last photo looks like its from a Japanese sewing book!

  2. @sewconvert

    Hi Adey! thanks for your sweet comment. you'd made my day.

    I'm not sure where you could get the fabric online but i could help get you some from here if you're interested (Rp 80,000/m). do email me.

    The shoes are new, bought at a shoe shop in a mall here. :)

  3. This is so beautifully vintage looking. I love how you've used your pretty fabric too. Wouldn't mind wearing an apron out of the house if it looks as good as it does in that outfit.


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