Thursday, April 14, 2011

polka dots, peter pan

I'm not up for blogging after my last post however I'd been sewing still. Two pieces of clothing for myself made this week and I shall condense my writings about making them in this blog post. No more clothing making, for awhile. I'll write again, next week.

'too many dots' skirt

simplicity 4949

A vintage pattern Simplicity 4949; no specific year stated, circa 1960's finally arrived after a month of my purchase and I started off with making the wrap skirt. I decided to use the brown and white polka dot cotton fabrics already in my stash. Not too sure if it was a good decision. Might be too many dots for making a skirt like this.

peter pan collar blouse

Feb 1983

Over at the The Sew Weekly, this week's theme was to draw inspiration from the clothing worn in a photo taken when one is very young. All my childhood photos are back home in Singapore except for one I kept in my journal with me. At the back of the photo shows the date taken: Feb 1983, taken at the zoo. I was a few months short of turning three then. I don't recall having any fond memory of the dress I was wearing but I certainly know that I weren't too pleased with the elastic round the sleeves. I have a vivid memory of myself complaining to my mother about those darn elastic sleeves, which were probably a prominent feature on a few of my dresses.

I've been looking out for affordable white blouses with peter pan collars but to no avail so why not make my own? Drawing inspiration from the details of the collars of the pink dress I'd worn, I used the pattern I'd drafted before, made a simple adjustment to the shape of the collars and added lace round it when sewing. I'd contemplated embroidering some flowers on the top but it would seem so out place on the adult me.

outfit 14.4.11
Heading out for Kaeden's music class this afternoon.


  1. I dont think one can ever (or should ever) grow out of polka dots and peter pan collars. A perfect combination. Thank you for sharing :-)

  2. Hey! You are looking very cute there!

    By the way, Kaeden looks so much like the little you!

  3. The blouse is very sweet, love the collar and I think the polka dots went really well with the skirt :)

  4. Hello ! You have such a pretty outfit. I love the lace details on the collar :D


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