Friday, April 01, 2011

crisp white

cotton white blouse

cotton white blouse

Perhaps it is a natural progression, that I'm making clothing more of late ever since my overlocker machine purchase. It also makes more sense to me that I start to make more essential separate pieces as they are what I often don on although I would never deny making pretty dresses as well. That will be more work but hey, it'll make me a happy lady. There is always something new to learn in every process of a new garment making project. Also, I'm trying to break out of my shell by posting images of me in my new handmade outfits. It's a mental/confidence challenge as I'm always tip toeing between the decision of putting my face up here. End of the day, I will decide to 'just do it'.

Sometime this week, I used a sleeveless blouse pattern from the Japanese magazine, Cotton Friend  Spring edition 2007 vol.22 and made a similar white cotton version for myself. The only adjustment made is the shortening of the lower bodice part and I used the indispensable white nylon lace for the neckline and arm hole binding. I used a cream decorative cotton lace bought during the last trip back in Singapore. This top could easily be a staple in my closet and it's great for layering over with my grey cardigan or scarves as well.

more photos:


  1. very cute blouse-i especially love the little buttons and lace! and the little deer pin. keep doing the outfit pictures. you look very thoughtful in this one

  2. simple, pretty....clean and crisp (^_^)

  3. Hello ! It is a really nice top. I like how it fits you. And the pin is so lovely !


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