Tuesday, April 19, 2011

cloth drawsting bags

drawstring bags1

drawstring bags

Over the period of a few months, I'd accumulated a bundle of presents for friends and relatives in Singapore, from the previous travel trip and shopping in town. Instead of wrapping them up in paper, I decided to put them in individual drawstring bags for each recipient so it'll be easy to pack in the luggage. No paper wrinkles to worry about! The recipient could reuse the "wrapper" bag too. The best part? All the materials (except thread) of those bags I'd made are from pre-loved used clothing, scrap cloth and strings/ribbons I'd scavenged.

fabric scrap bags
Bags of scrap fabric. Can't help wishing they're filled with money instead.

and while I was at it, I cut up a wide leg off a pair of old Bali brown wrap pants and made a bag for my scrap fabric.

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  1. What a brilliant idea. Each bag is a lovely present in itself!


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