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swing dress sew-along :: 'the flowery mustard' dress

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flowery mustard 'swing dress'

flowery mustard 'swing dress'

Over the span of next few days, I'll be working on an article, possibly to be published and I need to gather relevant information and collect photos around town. With a theme for the day in mind and a checklist and journal on hand, I put on my newly made 'swing dress', pinned on a flower brooch, decked out my trusty sandals and watch then grabbed my bag before I stepped out of home and had Brian chaperoned me around in his Volkswagen ambulance yesterday afternoon. What better way to test out the dress? The weather was hot and humid but I didn't perspire too many a drop in the dress and the pocket is super handy for temporary holding of my camera lens cap and a pen.

I felt like I stepped back into the 70's-80's in that office day look outfit.

Would I be using the pattern and making a swing dress again? Definitely! I already have in mind for the next one to have an updated look by having shorter sleeves and tie-backs which I realize, could help define the waistline better. I might even contemplate the 40's era method of zipper insertion which I only just learn for the first time!

Following this sew along has been immense fun (and gratifying too!) and did I learn many new sewing vintage tips, with thanks to Casey!

flowery mustard 'swing dress'
 in front of Rumah Limas (Jl. Demang Lebar Daun, Palembang), my first stop of the day


  1. Your dress is so cute! The fabric is lovely and the garment very well sewn:) Can't wait to see your macaron & crepe!

    Last week, I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store near my place but they didn't sell any fabrics...wished there were more vintage and thrift stores in town. *Sigh*

  2. That's such a beautiful dress! The fabric is just perfect for it. It must have been really fun learning along in the sew-along.

  3. fiona, you are SO GORGEOUS.

  4. So, so pretty! I just love the fabric you chose, and that little brooch is such a beautiful addition. I'm so glad you participated in the sew-along! :)

    ♥ Casey

  5. I love the fabric. Very pretty. And your dress looks so pretty on you. Great job. Love the little brooch, too.

    And love the building you are standing in front of.

  6. LOVE this! Such a pretty fabric and the style really suits you.

  7. Hi Fiona! I love your fabric : )
    Your brooch (so cute!) is actually something I stuck in my inspiration files to look for while thrifting this summer. I don't know what my next version of this dress will look like, but I'm copying your cute dangly brooch for sure if I can!

    Also -- I love the spot you chose for photos! Rumah Limas has such gorgeous wooden carvings, and that moss growing between the stones just makes everything look so warm and summery already. (I'm super jealous, since there's still snow on the ground here : )

  8. @squishyfishy

    Hi! I thought the brooch was a lucky find, and that I could pick it in time for my swing dress day out.

    All the best to your brooch find! :)


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