Thursday, March 24, 2011

a remake in pink

scallop collared blouse

close up::blouse

outfit 24.3.11

I recently bought a navy blue top with white scallop collar (view ::here::) from a small clothing store and I it to bits. Am I glad it fits me for it only came in one size! The pattern of the blouse is pretty straightforward, no darts whatsoever and I drafted a pattern off it. Then I made a new version using pink flowery cotton, white cotton for the collars and satin bias tape. It wasn't too difficult a task, well, except that sewing the binding on put me on the edge for the most bits.

I wore it out today and post it here in my somewhat attempt of an outfit shot.


  1. Hi Fiona. I've arrived here from your Burdastyle project page and I'm jolly glad I did! This is a really cute top. I should really try more to create things without a pattern. Thank you for the inspiration :-)

  2. Hi fiona..greetings from Jogja!!
    I love ur work
    it's really nice to see you,,


  3. @Sari Sulistiyo

    Hello Sari! nice meeting you too. visiting Jogja is in my wishlist!

  4. thank you fiona for visit me back..
    let's go to jogja,,I'd love to see u there.

    do u mind if I add ur link in my blog ?

    have a nice there


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