Saturday, March 26, 2011

one, two. buckle my shoe.

I bought two new pairs of oxford shoes in a week. Never happened before in my life. My oldest pair of birk- sandals which I'm still wearing is from the year 2005. I'm adopting my recent mantra very well. When in distress, shop. and it had been a tad bit stressful week. I'm also blaming the  various images of vintage shoes catalogue online I'm making myself view (and also reading about) and plus the fact that I have not yet seen and make a purchase of a very desirous (in my list) pair of t-strap sandals. I'm trying my level best not to make any old/used/n.o.s. shoes purchase online just yet, preferring to shop locally for now and to make do by opting for designs that are possibly inspired by the yesteryear.

But I might at some point break down and buy something from Re-Mix. I have two months to save for a birthday self-treat. I can't decide. Gloria or Corazon? Can I have each style in all colours, please? H.e.l.p.


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