Monday, March 21, 2011

mended with lace

lace mended dress

white lace mend

black lace mend

Following my previous post, I was struck by the prettiness of patterns from my stash of laces. I knew I could use some to mend my black dress which unfortunately got torn up at two parts. The store bought dress (fully lined, slip over type, no label) wasn't an expensive one and I thought it was quite a steal considering the rest of the clothing in the shop were what I thought to be over-priced. Now I know why I got such a "good" deal. The weaving of the black fabric is loose and only after one wear at a formal occasion, it turned out less than perfect.

After this mending, I hope I could get a few more times of wearing the dress out. No more tearing please! I certainly don't wish for the dress to be a trophy of laces, although I must admit imagining its patched up look using different laces, for quite a number of times.


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