Thursday, March 31, 2011

long oven mitts

long oven mitts

long oven mitts

When my parents visited Tokyo some years back, I asked for a gift of Japanese fabric. They returned and handed me a half metre of quilted 'Sesame Street' character theme one by Sanrio. Really, I was expecting some whimsical prints or at least, something floral. I was more than a tad disappointed with my parents', well, maybe just my mum's fabric choice and stored little Elmo and Cookie Monster away. Yes, I love watching 'Sesame Street' anytime, read related books to Kaeden and had once bought a collector stamp set featuring the Muppets but no, I don't like the Monsters and Muppets printed on cloth. 

lo n' behold! I took the fabric out from my storage box and turned it into oven mitts today. A few days back, I got burned at a spot on the lower arm by the hot baking sheet while shifting the pan and had been telling myself I need long oven mitts ever since. The quilted fabric is perfect for this project. and the print is s-l-o-w-l-y growing on me.

I simply lengthen (up to the elbows) the mitten pattern obtained from my Japanese craft book 小さな藝らしのソーイングノー卜 (ISBN4-529-03878-5). Want to make an oven mitt? Here's a tutorial for making one,  I found first on the list of a google search.


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