Monday, March 14, 2011

Kaeden is 3

Kaeden is 3

Kaeden turns 3 yesterday and the three of us had a morning ritual of blowing the candle and eating cakes for breakfast. I got teary eyed a bit while watching him bringing some cakes over to a relative with his daddy. He is a 'big boy' now, something he adamantly claims. At times he amazes me with what he knows and that he's able to translate those thoughts of his into words.

more photos:

Kaeden and I
Kaeden and I : wearing my handmade Macaron dress


Ever since after Friday evening's news (and the nuclear reactor(s) meltdown), I've been in a disconcerting mood. After watching the subsequent following up of news on TV and just, reading ::this::, I'm convinced of, in the midst of a disaster, the indomitable strength and spirit of the Japanese people. My thoughts and prayers for Japan: safety of all people and the nation's speedy recovery

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