Thursday, March 10, 2011

just because

purple shamrock
a smallish pot of purple shamrock : newly added to my garden

the 'just because' dress

the 'just because' dress

the 'just because' dress
The 'Just Because' Dress

Using the Colette Pattern; Macaron, I made myself a dress for wearing on this coming Sunday, to commemorate the early hours of going into labour and having my first born, three years ago.
Just because.

Materials used:
(I like seeing the tiny weave of the fabric!)
white thread
white invisible zipper


  1. So pretty! And what an occasion to commemorate! I love the weave too. hope you will take more photos of you wearing it:)

  2. AWMAIGAWTTTTTTTTTTTT.... That dress is suppa duppa cute!!!!!!!!


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