Friday, March 18, 2011

a gift of laces




A surprise mail came to me yesterday and in it I found, a thoughtfully written letter of encouragement, a new letter set, two Chinese comic story books (from the early 80's!) and many many yardage of old cotton laces! (Thank you once more, Beehui and your 妈 妈!) The laces are kept in storage for more than 20 years in my friend's home and are forgotten until recently found of which, I became the lucky recipient of this big vintage lot.

It was a wonderful feeling seeing the laces drying under the sun, after soaking most of them in good ol' bleach water, then running them straight through the hot iron and winding them around some stiff card papers. There are some minor permanent brown stains and I'd contemplated tea leaves dyeing. But for now, I'm simply pleased to have the laces to be almost pristine white.

more laces for the collection


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