Monday, March 28, 2011

cream bow tie

cream bowtie

Today is one of those days that started off with me waking up feeling lousy. Monday it is. I refused to kick my feet up and spend the day by dwelling in my feeling of lousiness. I went in search of something new, simple and fun to do. I learnt to make a bow tie and how to tie one on.

Using Kaeden's grandpa's cast off old pair of pants, I cut off some of  its linen fabric for making a bow tie for the boy. When I showed it to him, he said, 
"nah.. I want a polka dot one."

Here's a photo of him, wearing the cream bow tie. Kaeden, game for a photo shoot of him playing dressed up in the afternoon.

wearing his bowtie


  1. What a cutie and the bow tie turned out fabulous!

  2. :)) Kaeden looks really happy and proud of the bow!

  3. hi fiona, i would like to know where did you by that metal bag? the one that ur son is holding on. and how much is it. thank you.

  4. @jkkd

    Hi jkkd, I once blogged about (titled under "thrift finds") my purchase of this used magnet school tin box/toy. I think I paid S$4 for it.

    This educational set might be a discontinued product already but there could be sellers for used ones at some shopping sites.

    Hope this is helpful! :)
    & good luck on the search for it!


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