Saturday, March 12, 2011

carrot cake

playing guesstures
playing Guesstures Game at the English Library, Palembang

blowing the candle

I needed inspiration for baking and the carrot cake recipe was the obvious one for my Friday baking ritual yesterday. The recipe is good for making a cake out of my one round pan and enough to fill up 12 cupcake sizes too. That is one too many cakes for the household so I thought to bring the round cake to the library where we visit every/fortnight Friday evenings. It'd be nice to have Kaeden's friends at the library sing him an early birthday song and create a memory for the boy.

But the minute we hopped into the ride towards the library, I began to get anxious. What was I thinking?! I got really nervous and began doubting that my baking skill has not reached the time to be made public yet. Then before the cake cutting, I worried about the cake slice achievable versus number of people ratio. After the cake was cut and eaten, I was relieved to realize the anxiety attack was uncalled for. But still, it'd been a mini lesson for me. Spontaneity came to mind though, and I'm glad I embraced it for the worth of a good memory.

carrot (cup)cakes
carrot (cup)cakes with cream cheese frosting and sprinkle of chocolate chips: for breakfast today


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