Wednesday, March 09, 2011

not forgotten

flight MI 185 memorial

flight MI 185 memorial

flight MI 185 memorial

Brian took some time off work this morning and brought Kaeden and I to visit a memorial. A local friend came along and gave directions in the ride. It was our first visit and I'd suppose the last time. The memorial was built in memory of all on board the 
'SilkAir Flight 185, --------,  a scheduled passenger flight from Jakarta, Indonesia to Singapore, which crashed on 19 December 1997 into the Musi River after abruptly plunging from its 35,000 feet cruise altitude, killing all 97 passengers and 7 crew on board.' - Wikipedia
There were dried leaves scattered all around, giving an unkempt impression and that really added onto the sombre mood despite the blazing sun shining upon us. How does one describe feelings well? Simply put, I felt heavy heart ed when I was there, and now when I'm typing this up. Even so, it's not a good summary. I'm at a loss of finding the right words.


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