Saturday, March 05, 2011

birthday bunting



In the month of March, there are two birthdays in the family. Today is Mickey's, our four legged child and in a week's time, the one I gave birth to. A few months back I mentioned that Mickey was ill and thank goodness he has recovered in a month after that post and he's back to his grouchy protective personality, perpetually hungry-stomach self. Mickey turns 9 today. Brian and I brought him home when he was only 3 months old. I'm hoping to buy some good durians for him and his 2 four legged siblings to celebrate later.

To help add to our home a little dash of birthday festive mood, I made a scallop bunting, entirely out of my scrap bundles and lace, to hang on the wall. Want to make one? Here's a link:  scalloped fabric garland tutorial. But don't have bias tape and too lazy to make yourself? Get a long roll of cheap lace (the kind one uses as shoelaces and for tying bolster cover cases). It is, in my opinion, an essential household item. Sew the flags between the laces like how I did. Put on the music and celebrate!

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  1. lucuuuuuu!! thanks for sharing, Mbak Fiona:)
    kiss-kiss for Keaden :*


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