Wednesday, March 02, 2011

batik Palembang

a songket shop

at a songket shop
at "Sinar Mas" Songket shop, Pasar Kito; Komplek Ilir Barat Permai

batik (Palembang)

Following my first stop at Rumah Limas, a traditional house of some old and antique exhibits and a shop of handicrafts and traditional clothing/fashion items yesterday, was a complex of similar shops along a few corridors, specializing in selling songket and batik of motifs only found in Palembang. It would be the place where the local people shop at for affordable traditional garb. I was told bargaining is the way if I'd want to purchase something.

I went there, besides to check the place out for the first time, hoping to buy a shawl or two as gifts. I didn't get any but upon entering a welcoming looking shop, I found two batik fabric for myself instead.  (I hope my what limited bargaining skill in Indonesian language brought some justice to the purse.) I picked two with the most colourway out from a limited stack of cotton ones which feature the most basic traditional motifs. They look faintly "vintage" and what thrills me was there were still remnant strands of threads (a tool used in the dyeing process) on the cloth. I love the simplicity, raw look and feel of this batik material best. I never imagine I'd say it, but I'm afraid I'm getting addicted to these batik prints, specially from Palembang.


  1. I love the yellow one! such happy motif! :) makes me want to take my mom there :)

  2. my mom said it's nearby her house...the pasar at ilir barat :D

  3. Lia, when my eyes first laid on the yellow fabric, my hands won't let it go! i've said it, i'm addicted!

    when you and mum ever shop there, please let me know. i'm never good at shopping in the pasar. you can give me an idea of the market rate! :)

  4. wahh meriah ya batik palembang.. warna warni :))
    pasti bingung mau pilih yang mana :D

  5. oh, wow. they are lovely! i can see why you're addicted, i would be too. :)


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