Friday, February 18, 2011

travelogue:: Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung:: 13-17 February 2011

Over the last four days, my family and I spent the time in Java. The trip was packed with meals of our favourite cuisine, shopping and sightseeing from the car rides and a visit to the Taman Safari. It was over so quickly. I would log in this blog post the highlights of the trip but before that, I'd to be honest and admit that the hours spent in the car were the most unpleasant. The 3+ hours worth of slightly windy roads from Taman Safari to Bandung and the equally long hours from Bandung back to the airport with some parts traffic jam on the highway in Jakarta, tightened every (what even small bit of) muscle in me that was relaxed while on the hill.

The highlights:

13 Feb, Jakarta :: Lunch at Sushi Tei, Senayan City;
                            Wedding dinner, chatted up with relatives living in Jakarta;
                             Night's stay at Akmani Hotel; great location

14 Feb, Jakarta :: St. Valentine's Day lunch at Bistro Baron, Plaza Indonesia;
                            Carousel and train rides with Kaeden;
                            Bowling, my first time (honestly!) and together as a family;
                            Dinner at Din Tai Fung, Senayan City
15 Feb, Jakarta-Bogor-Bandung :: Taman Safari
                                                        tram ride

feeding the camels
feeding carrots to camels; car route in Taman Safari, Bogor

pygmy hippo
Hello, hippo. Taman Safari, Bogor

                                                       Dinner and night's stay at Padma Hotel, Bandung

16 Feb, Bandung :: Enjoying the mountain views and breathing in the air;
                                (Pasar Baru for fabric, checking out the lanes of bicycle shops, 
                                clothing factory outlets)

mountain view
view from the balcony of hotel room

picking out a jamu drink
selecting a jamu drink from a basket on the bicycle, Breakfast at Padma Hotel

at Padma Hotel, Bandung
left: by the pool side; right: eyeing the candy complimentary from hotel

17 Feb, Bandung-Jakarta-Palembang :: discovering kacang endul; father and son              swimming in the hotel; stopover at Teck Kee Tanglin Pau at Pluit, Jakarta and bought some Pau-s in bulk; night view of twinkling lights from houses and streetlights and cars from the airplane ride

Aside from books, below are some of my purchases that are special from the trip.

from a bonsai farm near Taman Safari, Bogor

quilt set
from a shop, Bestcare in Bandung; I first know about it from ::here::

from shops in Pasar Baru trade centre, 2nd storey; Bandung


  1. How fascinating ! I know what you mean about the Jakarta's traffic jam a lot :D It makes me don't wanna go anywhere at weekend
    Btw, your little rabbit at play + your cute clover postcard has arrived ! I posted them here :

    Thank you so much, Fiona !

  2. Oh WOW!!! What a fantastic trip! Its good to see you guys having so much fun in Indonesia.

  3. That looks like so much fun together. The camels look really huge. Each of the purchases looks special and lovely.

  4. liburan yang menyenangkan yaa mbak :))
    salam kenal yaa

    kainnya bagus2 mbak murah lagii.. yang kucing kuning lucuu banget :))

    salam kenal ya mbak


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