Thursday, February 10, 2011

swing dress sew-along :: muslin mock-up

swing dress muslin mock-up

swing dress muslin mock-up

I had been procrastinating a bit, but I finally got the muslin mock-up of the swing dress done. The putting together of the shoulder yoke had indeed been mind boggling to me and Casey's pictorial guidance has been of immense help. Despite that, I still faced some problems with it. I set it aside, climbed into bed and let my mind sort out the issue. Then went back to the fabric and worked the issue out. I think I got it. I thought my result wasn't the way it should be. Never mind, I'll dwell on it more later on.

As for the rest of the work of piecing the dress together, it started to get less intimidating. I've decided to do without shoulder pads and tie backs. They are really not me. Oh, as for the neckline closure, I don't know yet. I'm hoping to score a new old looking brooch or I'll just look into my button jar.

There are some notes I'll like to keep here for when I finally cut and sew into the fashion fabric I'd chosen for this pattern. Now that the mock-up is made, I'm quite excited about the "real deal" which I plan to make after my short get away vacation.


seams/fabric edge - The pattern instructions didn't call for that, or did I miss reading it? I know I wasn't thorough on the reading part. I can't stand fraying edges in clothing so I might have to make some adding on of seam allowance on the pattern, especially the top bodice, for serging purpose.
(Fabulous write-up on alternative seam finishes ::here::.)
    mid-riff - cut an extra piece for the backing.  
pockets - I think my fabric material (a little on the thin drapey kind) isn't suitable for patch pockets on the dress so I opt for in seam one on the right side since there will be the invisible zipper on the left.
skirt length - Taking Casey's advice on this, I'd redrawn the pattern, taking in the length I'm comfortable with. I have short legs so I'm seriously considering for the dress to rest just above the knees. But that would spoil the supposed "vintage" look, no? Maybe I'll have it a go for the next time.

sleeves - I want the sleeves hem to rest just above my elbows and had adjusted the pattern to achieve that. As for sewing the sleeves onto the main bodice, I quit following pattern instructions and did it my way. 1) Hem the sleeves fabric pieces to desired length. 2) Baste the curve part of sleeves to and matching the notches of the main bodice. Sew. 3) Sew to join the underarm part of sleeves and continue down the sides of dress.

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  1. Hi. I found your blog through Casey's swing sew-along.

    I've never heard of sewing sleeves on like you did. I'm going to have to give your method a try, I think. :)


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