Tuesday, February 22, 2011

smock of mushrooms

paper tag

vintage smock apron (mushrooms)

vintage smock apron (mushrooms)

I recently acquired a bundle of vintage aprons; 2 smocks and 3 half aprons and they came in the mail yesterday. There isn't one I don't like from that lot but a particular one pulled at my heart string more and it was the trump card that clinched my final deal. Despite its bottom part being snipped away, I so adored the mushroom print fabric and the red bias tape detailing of the smock, even up to the manufacturer paper tag on it. I wasn't sure if it was meant to be an apron, for it could simply be a very large top. This morning, I took some time to mend the smock by adding my tiny white and red polka cotton to the bottom part and sewed and serged to reinforce all the seams. 

After which, I gave all the aprons a good wash and the sunlight to greet them. There's nothing quite like a cheery soft used/vintage apron waiting to be put on. Donning one on helps put a spring in my step around the household work I'll be doing at the moment, especially when I feel I need that spark of energy.

apron bundle


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