Monday, February 28, 2011

scrap fabric bundles

scrap fabric bundles

Throughout my time of sewing, I have accumulated a heavy lot of scrap fabric; a biscuit tin filled to the brim of it, a cloth bag full and some parts interspersed in the fabric box.  I believed I'd once cleared some scraps in the interim but it's time I clear up the current batch. 

I kept those in sizes I could still work with and especially ones with prints, even those that came from used clothing and a bag. Then I hardened my heart and gathered a big pile of small and/or odd shape pieces and threw them away, knowing I'd have a very slim chance of reusing those.

Before I started the task of sorting through the pile of scraps, a handi-crafty friend who is really clever in patching small cloth pieces and reinventing the "new" fabric piece came to mind. So I designated a pile, just for her.

scrap fabric bundle


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