Tuesday, February 01, 2011


"owl" cookies

"owl" cookies

Last evening I managed to fill a plastic tin of shortbread cookies made to be in the shapes of owls although I do think they resemble more like Elmo's beige colored distant cousins. Despite my oven's unhealthy state, I gave it a go at baking. I seriously think we bought a lemon from the start. Even the serviceman had to operate on it the second time to identify the problem. All these times, I simply had to work around it.

I was very inspired from what I saw ::here:: and anyone could tell my results are not anywhere near it. I used the recipe from ::here:: but given the ratio of butter to flour, you ought to know the dough softens very quickly under my roof and the cookies are especially crumbly when just baked. I'd broken a few when transferring them onto the wire rack to cool and when I was storing into the tin. To compensate the non availability of chocolate chips (in mini Hershey kisses style), the owls' eyes are a local brand; Delfi chacha of chocolate covered peanuts which I'm surprised they taste pretty good!


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